Sponsorship Application

The Twinning Association Mannheim supports your initiatives and events in Mannheim organized in connection with Mannheim twin cities. Depending on the number of guests invited and travelling to Mannheim from the twin cities you may apply for contribution.

Please note the following rules concerning your application for sponsorship:

1. Please submit your application no later than two weeks prior to the event concerned. If you hand in an incomplete application or if it is delayed, the requirements for sponsorship will not be met.

2. Contributions will be granted according to the regulations of the Twinning Association
and provided that they are available. On principle, only those people will be supported who stay in Mannheim in connection with a twinning project. The final amount of the contribution will be determined by the managing committee of the Twinning Association after the definite list of participants has been submitted.

Limits for up to 5 days up to 10 days more than 10 days
3 – 5 paricipants 75 €uro 100 €uro 150 €uro
6 – 10 participants 150 €uro 200 €uro 250 €uro
11 – 20 paticipants 250 €uro 350 €uro 400 €uro
More than 20 paticipants 350 €uro 400 €uro 500 €uro
Excepted are individual decisions taken by the managing committee of the Twinning Association


3. Please submit a brief report on the event with photos (if possible in electronic form for our website www.fvsp-Mannheim.de) and the list of names of the participants no later than two weeks after the event. Only then will the final amount of the contribution be determined and transferred to your account.

4. Please note that there is no legal right to contribution.

5. We would appreciate if you as the applicant could mention the Twinning Association Mannheim in the press, at events and in your publications, tickets posters and leaflets, as you may find adequate.

6. Please inform us about your event early enough so that we can possibly advertise it on our website or on facebook.

7. Please let us have an appropriate number of invitations and tickets.

8. Please fill in the form completely and in capital letters, sign it and send it to the address mentioned below

9. With your signature you accept the regulations mentioned above!

Download application form:

>> as Word-document: 2015 Zuschussantrag  >> as PDF-document: 2015 Zuschussantrag (both German)

Please fill it in online, print it, sign it and send it to the following address:

Förderverein Partnerschaften Mannheim e.V.
c/o Stadt Mannheim Abteilung 19.2
Rathaus E5
68159 Mannheim